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L'Tanya Mari'Lumpkin-Rivas

I'm A Web Developer


Welcome to my portfolio site of multiple content management systems and responsive websites.

I'm a self-motivated web developer with experience using multiple standard programming languages, strong understanding of aesthetic and design principles, and skills in designing and programming web pages.

I work well both independently and as part of a team with a positive outlook and always willing to learn and grow.

I am currently seeking to obtain a creative and challenging positions that utilize current knowledge of web development and design in an innovative environment.

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My Skills






ÀSANTÉ OIL is a prototype designed using BOOTSTRAP 5 for clients and customers who need a responsive approach to products advertisements.

Mari' Farmer's Market

Mari' Farmer's Market is a DRUPAL 9 prototype of learning and designing in multple content management systems.

Asia Nightlife

Asia Nightlife is a prototype of RESPONSIVE DESIGN OF CSS AND HTML code emphasizing on media queries.

International Cuisine

International Cuisine is a WORDPRESS prototype of learning the use of taxonomy and catorgories in designing a blog/post website.  

The Loncie Project

The Loncie Project is a live website designed in WORDPRESS utilizing several plugins for SEO (Yoast, Jetpack).

Holistic Massage Training Institute

Holistic Massage Training Institute is a live website design in WEEBLY content management system.



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